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GRASSROOTS Racers are and will always be the backbone of drag racing. I've been a local drag racer to a racer that has traveled to try and win championships. I was first drawn to the sport when I was twelve and going to the races having fun as a family. But over time I've watched the grassroots racers be forgotten and the little guys left behind. Even worse, tracks are shutting down and companies are going out of business, leaving sportsman participation as a whole to go away. I've asked myself what's causing it to die? Personally, I like the Big Money races but in reality that is actually hurting the sport in the long run. There are too many Big Money races to race at. That's why I decided to try and rejuvenate local bracket racing. Track owners, racers, and all of the companies are very important to the sport. Dictators and guest owners really hurt the sport in the long run because they actually take away from the sport. If the dictators or guest owners don't make money they quit putting on races together. Track owners need to be the ones we support because they don't just pocket the money. Instead, they have to keep up the track by paying for upgrades so that the racers have a place to race at. If we don't support the track owners we will all suffer. The economy is bad enough that we need to be able to race more and spend less to make a difference. This year I've teamed up with some tracks and I'm working for the tracks to build a program that the everyday racer will want to be a part of. I've seen racers stop going every weekend to the races to save up and go to a big race just to have a chance at big money. They return home to skip a month of local racing just to catch up. Then, the local track struggles because the core racers can't afford to show up. Of course, there are different scenarios but grassroots racers race because they love the sport, not just the money. We need to go back to when we all had fun and could afford to do it weekly. Racers let's get together to support these tracks and show them that we want them to survive!

Thank you for your support and A BIG THANK YOU goes out the tracks that believe in what we are trying to do for the bracket racers. Without the tracks this can’t happen.

Scotty Richardson and Jok Nicholson- The Grassroots Bracket Series.

Email us if you have any questions or comments:

Scotty Richardson-

Jok Nicholson-

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